Out-of-the-box sales analytics and forecasting

Vortini is a solution for out-of-the-box sales analytics and forecasting. Improve predictability of the pipeline, increase conversion rates and deliver accurate business insights into sales performance across teams and business lines.


Protect your Salesforce investment

There are often situations when the sales organization steps outside of Salesforce, whether it’s to run a forecast or compile a list of “must close” deals for the quarter. These are both done in spreadsheets and this diminishes the value of Salesforce.

Vortini is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and provides a consistent and scalable collaborative sales forecasting solution that eliminates spreadsheets and takes the pain out of the forecasting process. Vortini manages the sales forecast as a corporate resource.


Improve Sales Effectiveness

If you want to improve sales performance, you need the tools that work the way you do. Tools that visually help you see what deals are most important in the pipeline, and where sales effectiveness can be improved to drive growth.

Fully utilize chances

Sales Analytics to Hit Your Number This Quarter

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Alert the sales team to hidden, easy-to-close opportunities, give them greater visibility of customer buying patterns, and ask and answer analytics questions as they occur.

Reliable forcasting

Advanced Forecasting to Set the Right Path for the Future

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Forecasting is an evidence-based process. Properly forecast revenue generating activities with a workflow that captures all data in the CRM and gives you the visibility of every deal included in the rollup. Save time by at least half with a data-driven auto-populated forecast based on current opportunities and historical data, and easily rollup forecasts with the click of a button for individual teams, and geographically dispersed teams.

Improve Sales Effectiveness

fMonitor progress , identify opportunities and take action.

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Evaluate sales effectiveness and stage-by-stage conversion performance of teams and whole business units with powerful insights and identify where to take action. Our smart algorithms will help you understand hidden sales patterns and open up more new business opportunities.

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More information on Vortini

Vortini is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and offers a constant and scalable solution for salesforcating. Spreadsheets are no longer necessary and the forcasting process becomes easier.