Surpass your goals

SalesScreen is a unique platform to motivate your employees. The software was developed to help teams stimulate success factors and to be able to drive activities that are the most important to your organization.

Are you subject to changing processes, are you adopting new systems or do you simply wish to optimize effectifvity within your company or team?  Whatever your goals are, SalesScreen enables you to set goals, monitor progress and reward performance.


How does SalesScreen work?


Motivate, stimulate & inspire

The modern toolbox to motivate and improve team performance. With SalesScreen you get a clear view of your goals and it enables you to celebrate performance as a team. By completing tasks, achieving goals and winning competitions, employees level-up. They earn ‘coins’, that are interchangable for prices.


Get your employees motivated by recognizing performance.

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When everybody is busy, performances that should be celebrated, sometimes aren’t recognized. If this becomes a regular state of affairs, employees could begin to feel underappreciated. SalesScreen changes this.

Friendly competition

Build a strong culture by focussed perfomance.

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A little friendly competition amongst cooworkers enhances performance exponentially.  Traditional competitions, shown on  whiteboards or in spreadsheets are slow, boring and difficult to update in realtime. With SalesScreen, that is a thing of the past.


Create an effectieve workenvironment, that does not feel like work.

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If the goal is clear and you know what you’re working for, motivation comes naturally. SalesScreen shows progress in a fun and meaningfull way. This is how even the most boring tasks become fun.


Data to drive your organization.

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You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Visualizing the most important data becomes easier with SalesScreen, on any device, wherever you are.

Cloud application

Standalone or fully integrated

SalesScreen works perfectly as a standalone application, however you can choose to intergrate the application with many different CRM or other company software systems.  Connect your existing system with SalesScreen for a streamlined experience.

SalesScreen works seamlessly with your existing tools.

Try SalesScreen?

People are competitive by nature and want to excell. The competitions in SalesScreen enable you to focuss on the most important activities in a fun and challenging way. You are able to correct processes and activities when needed.