Our certified consultants make sure that

Google works for you!

Do you aim to digitize customer relationship processes, optimize processes or implement a comprehensive digital transformation strategy?

Giving advice and implementing the execution, that’s what our consultants are good at. To make sure the digital innovation is in line with the company vision, communication with all involved is at the top of our list. This also ensures that the innovation will be effectively adapted on the operational level.

Within EUR-IT is one of our van our experienced consultants your personal contact person.

With G Suite and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) your work is

Safe, Scalable & Quick

Cooperate on projects and tasks in a smarter and more transparent way, using the Google Cloud technology to improve results and work more flexible. Anytime, anywhere.

We make sure your organization is compliant with all laws and regulations regarding data security and that your data is actually safe. We use the security model, infrastructure and innovations that are developed by Google, and implement them effectively in your organization.

We implement the same global network in your organization, that Google uses in their own organization to keep your data, identities, apps and devices secure; including the integrated security system.

You decide how your data is being used and shared with G Suite and the Google Cloud Platform.

Develop apps, websites & services just like Google does

Google Cloud Platform GCP

Het Google Cloud Platform offers functionalities to develop Apps, websites and services. We have in house Google platform experts, that specialize in IAM, Compute Engine, App Engine and Cloud Storage. GCP is applicable for all organizations, regardless of size, composition, industry or geographical aspects.

Our experts design your environment to suit your requirements and build it especially for you.

Cloud IAM

Design access control the way you want. You decide who has access, to which information and by doing so, you prevent unauthorized access. This way all data is accessible for the right people at any location.

Google Cloud Storage

Store an infinite amount of data safely with Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Benefit from the advanced possibilities for security and sharing that Google has to offer your organization.

Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine (GCE) is a Google service that lets you run virtual machines. This could be a Windows, Linux or Ubuntu server. Do you have your own server running? Than we can transfer that to GCE for you.
You don’t have to worry about infrastructure. With GCE admin’s can select the area(s) where data is stored and used. For example; it’s possible to store data only in one specific country, like The Netherlands or the US.

App Engine

Develop your own apps or websites and easily connect them to a Google storage platform or SQL database. You don’t need to worry about infrastructure, Google takes care of that as well!

This ensures that your developers can focus on the things they are best at; developing 🙂

G Suite works for you!

Are you satisfied with e-mail and agenda functionalities or do you want to be visible on social media? Do you want to design and edit documents, spreadsheats or do you have other ambitions? Do you share data internally or do you share it with customers and is the connection secure? How much storage capacity do you need?

EUR-IT answers these questions for you with a suitable solution.


EUR-IT offers an appropriate, tailored solution that will meet your specific wishes.

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We advise on how you can combine different Google products into a whole that fits your organization like a glove. And after…. we go to town! We support you when implementing the products correctly, when training employees and with the data transfer. Service from A to Z.

Change management

EUR-IT takes your employees on a trip to the Cloud.

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How do you go from ‘must’ to ‘want’? Each change, including a new digital environment, will trigger resistance. Even the best applications will fail if no one uses them. By allocating as much attention to adoption as implementation, we make sure the changes are embraced.

We do this by communicating clearly and by providing traningsessions & workshops. Trainingsessions on different levels to introduce G Suite: advanced and expert, as well as a training on using Google Drive.

Management and Support

We fix it before it breaks, by providing preventive instead of reactive maintance.

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Not ‘warranted to the door’, but warranted forever. Customer care comes first when we optimize or implement an environment. We only have one goal: good long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

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Get going with Google?

Are you looking for a business partner to cooperate with on developing an innovating digital transformation strategy? Or is the strategy set and you are looking for support? Than we are able to help. Please contact us for more information on implementation of for any other related questions you might have?